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Stormy Weather

Christmas Tree Water

It's raining,

Something Different

Caution Shelter Party this Saturday

Avant garde

Thank you Dale, Paul and George

Fluid Dynamics

Green grass and high tides forever?

Musica Surfica

Daily Randomness

Surfing around



My New Tattoo

Post swell Post



Sacred Craft

Ban the Bag!

Retro? No Bro!

Greenough Tube

surf different

Friday indeed!

Everybody Limbo!

new mat blog

Autumn Equinox

Give me Shelter

Mat rider reply

What Fun!

Good News / Bad News

the art and science of capturing light

August Shelter Party - Goin' Big - Under the Sun

It's Tuesday, right?

The importance of training

Another day in paradise

It's been a good summer

eleven and a half breaths

Innermost Limits of Pure Fun

yoga mat

Bodysurfing Championships

hands free


I did it!

At least the dog got a bath

Friday at last

So I went with the fish

Spring Chores and Choices

Memorial Day Weekend

photos from last weeks mat meet

Misc Wednesday

A great time!

Inflatable Toy Surf Meet

Things I LOVE about the mat

Things I HATE about the mat

Class! Class! CLAAASSS!

Blowin in the Pines?

Mat Rider Gathering