Daily Randomness

Since Kaser is out of town I thought I would take liberties with his blog.
So I bring you...

Random Monday Randomness...

The view out of the back of the van when I woke up this morning

Prana was out on his pool toy (does he ever do anything normal?)

WJ (I think, he had a bonzer) was going out but I wanted to look elsewhere

THE Wedge had two guys out, one on a sponge and one on a huge catamaran, the search continues...

Two bright red amoebas on the charts means surf somewhere

The streets looked OK so I went out for a few

Here are some random, I mean art shots I took because there were bits left on the end of the roll


Anonymous said…
Shame on you for poking fun at a fine upstanding blogger like Kaser!

Could you parody my blog next?

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