/*23 Breaths: March 2014*/

Monday, March 31, 2014

One from the rafters

Shaped and Designed by Phil

This should have been the teaser shot
This Destination Surf canvas bag has been everywhere!

Classic Edwards shape with three stringers
Volan glass and 3 stick blank

A lot of extra wood / work in these blanks
Glass leash loop

Special Phil Edwards model gold lams

There are two of these old Hobie lams on the bottom

Signature on top of the glass work

Nose rail shot

Tail rail

A great board when the surf is small and perfect with slight off shores.

If you grew up surfing in Southern California in the 60's Phil Edwards was the King.

Between the movies and the boards and the boats,

Mr Edwards was at ground zero of the Southern California surf lifestyle movement.

Not in a marketing and promotional way, he was just a class act who like to surf and sail.

When he was done he just sailed away in his catamaran "El Gato"

First out at Pipeline

Photo by Grannis

I bought this board used up in Huntington years ago.

A beautiful board by a master craftsman.

It's up for sale

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A nice morning

but there is already wind on it

Settling for a trip around the garden

This is called "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow".  A long name for a spindly little plant. The flowers come out white then turn purple (ok maybe lavender whatever) in a few days.

Not actually in the garden but came across this eucalyptus tree on a walk.  They shed their bark as they grow. Nice colors sometimes.  They were originally brought into the area to be grown and cut into railroad ties but alas they don't make good ties so the local farmers planted them to block the wind. They get big and have mostly been cut down in these parts and replaced by palm trees that go with the design template for "Southern California"

 A real beauty we got from Cher and Steve Pendo. I don't think we have anything in the garden that blooms so profusely! Just when one stock is done three more spring up. Pendo-flex-it! It's in a pot next to the plumerias in the "tropical section" of the garden (that's where the drier vent is)

This first year cutting of "Joy Edstrom" really wants to bloom!

These are Epiphyllum cuttings

I've had good luck with the white night blooming varieties so I when for some epis that have more color.

More photos if we get blooms this year.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last weekend for the Liquid Salt kickstarter campaign

You know the site

Liquid Salt

One of the very few places on the net

Where the goal is to share the spirit of wave riding

and not just another chance to sell t-shirts

Glenn wants to redo the site so they can have more video content

Interviews with shapers, legends and the like

but it all costs money

If you want to contribute to that effort

Check out the KickStarter campaign

If you kick in an get the surf mat

(why would you not?)

Let me know and I will make sure you are invited to the next mat meet in your area.

Those things are a blast!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You should have been there...

As I sit here enjoying my morning coffee

(is there anything better than opening a fresh bag of beans and brewing it up?)

I am thinking of the coming Spring and Summer surf seasons

a couple "chances of rain" which by now are viewed like

"chances to win the lottery"

it's great if it happens but I not exactly counting on it...

But there are a few things one can count on

April 5th
Always a good time
Good friends, good strangers all intent on riding some waves and sharing a good time
nothing else to say

May 7-10th
Ley lines cross under Bird's Shed

There is the waterman's ball and the various local and international contests with their accompanying scenes.

All well and good but these two events are core.

In the years to come you will want to say "oh year those first 10 years, before the big money limousine crowd caught on, it was epic man! You should have been there..."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three things to watch / listen to

This show is the first of the Garia Live series and it's very good JGB

This next one is from a show called Carl Perkins and Friends

Nice group of friends you got there Carl

and thanks for Blue Swede Shoes!

I wouldn't have thought Leo Kottke would get together with the bassist from Phish (Mike Gordon) but he did and it's great stuff

Friday, March 21, 2014


Where: San Clemente State Beach
Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014
Time: Sunrise to ???

SPRING HOEDOWN, April 5, 2014. This is not a contest in any way, shape or form. Just a day of fun (ie. Fish Fry) to celebrate the handplane. NO POSTERS, NO BANNERS, NO SALES, NO T-SHIRTS. All word of mouth. This event is for everyone, from the first time garage made handplanes, to the super refined handplanes that are being sold in shops. If you're into the food tray thing, bring that too. There will be representatives with Demo Planes from Whomp, Surfcraft Co-op, Enjoy, and Brownfish, plus any and all other company's are welcome to bring handplanes for the masses to try-out. Please spread the word via facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Also, a good old fashioned phone call to your Bro would be greatly appreciated.

The Event will be held at the base of the San Clemente State Beach Day Use Parking Lot. Just walk down the trail, and you should find us.

Alternate Parking at the base of Avenida Calafia in city lot. Walk south along beach. Should be about 100 yards south of Avenida Calafia.

One last thing, when the police show up NOBODY is the organizer 
we just all showed up

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here

As I sit here writing this I am luxuriating in that combination of exhaustion and endorphin high that only a good surf session brings.

I have been in sort of a slump lately, the "great waves" were always somewhere else.

(If you can believe the coconut wireless!)

One of life's truisms is that when you have the time to surf you don't have the money to travel and when you have the money you don't have the time.

I have had the time but local swell and wind machines wouldn't cooperate.

But today that changed.

The swell wasn't that promising and the last few days have been windy.

But every the optimist (and with a fresh pot of coffee) I got to the local spot early.

It looked small but glassy and no one out!

At this point I would like to thank everyone who had a few beers last night and skipped the dawn patrol!

So it was me and three other guys out for the first hour and a half.

Have you ever seen a bear gorging himself on salmon?

That what it felt like!

Nice sized glassy peak, 

no one else on it, 

take off and pull in,

over and 

over and 

over and


Spring is here

Here are some shots from around the yard 

Another post plucked from the archives

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

4GF Prototype Sale !!!

I have a few mats.

You never know when a trip that has nothing to with a surf (hypothetically) can turn into a "the tide was just right and there was a little swell pulse that was hitting a sandbar that wasn't there before" supersession.

It happens

They are sometimes short

but they are often sweet and they have the potential to be epic.

So I never leave home without one in the trunk.

Then there all the mat curious friends.

Ever try and pry your mat out of the hands of someone who just caught the best wave of their live on it?

So now is the time to pick up that extra or maybe even your first mat.

A word to the wise these things go quick so don't delay

From the surfmatters site

We have a stack of prototype mats that have been building up for a while. Since it's spring here in the Northern Hemi, we decided to clean out the workshop and sell our spare mats.

We have 10 Omni prototypes and 5 Standard prototypes. These are all solid, near-new mats. They are all good performers...just minor variations over the stock models they represent.

The cost is $100 per mat, plus $9 shipping. US orders only.

Neil Pye in the Brisbane area has one brand new 5GF mat in stock, and that mat is on sale as well. (The 5GF is a bigger wave mat.) Same price, in Aussie dollars. Aussie orders only. Contact Neil at:

If you'd like to order, contact 4GF through our home page at surfmats.com. Let me know what model you're interested in, and I'll let you know the availability and how to order.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

take time

You can't "make time"

without getting into any of the abstraction about what is time really

(a fun exercise for another day)

Let's just assume that there are twenty four hours in a day

and that our days have a finite limit

So you have a block to do with as you wish

Now you have to eat, sleep, work and take out the trash

which leaves you with a precious few minutes

that are really yours for the spending

Spring is coming

with all it's magic and splendor

take some time

enjoy the season

Friday, March 14, 2014

Now good people it's guest time...


which brings me to

ok I feel bad

I really do about making you watch

the first one

with the sock puppets

so here's a better one

in case you ever wondered how they got echo on early recordings

The weekend is coming

get out there and enjoy it

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm confused

SPRING! Maybe coming to a local near you

So we had our

big winter rain

I think the seasons total is like 4.22 inches

another drought year

and have gotten

Winter out of the way

we plunge straight into

the mild foggyness

that is spring and most of summer

june gloom

low clouds and coastal fog

but wait

we have high pressure and

reportedly off shore winds

but we only get that in Fall!

no winter

and now we are skipping

spring and summer


well they were overrated anyway

if we are to get only

one season

the fall is the best

but the whole thing

is very confusing

Monday, March 10, 2014

A day at the beach

It was one of "those days"

When my list of chores and things that "really must get done"

extends to horizon

and beyond

I took one look at the list

extended the due date on my library book via internet

and went for a walk down by the beach

It was a beautiful spring day

I have completely given up on winter at this point

the interwebs are all a twitter about the possibility of an El Nino cycle

all I can say right now is "we'll see...." and hope the rumors are true

but I digress ...

so it was a fine day

we did a bit of tide pooling

and generally enjoyed the day

without email, facebook, the internet

and the rest

Friday, March 7, 2014

Liquid Salt

You know the site

Liquid Salt

One of the very few places on the net

Where the goal is to share the spirit of wave riding

and not just another chance to sell t-shirts

Glenn wants to redo the site so they can have more video content

Interviews with shapers, legends and the like

but it all costs money

If you want to contribute to that effort

Check out the KickStarter campaign

If you kick in an get the surf mat

(any why would you not?)

Let me know and I will make sure you are invited to the next mat meet in your area.

Those things are a blast!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Forth!

So rarely does the calendar give us such direct instructions

It's probably best to heed them...

So I went out into the garden this morning

The succulents look to be getting ready to bloom

This "first year" Epiphyllum cutting is try to flower too, it ain't gonna happen but who am I to say no?

More epi's, some first year, some second year cuttings.

Every year I get five more new varieties (because I have five small pots that's why)

I (accidently) found the perfect place in the garden for them so all I do is place them in soil and sit back and wait.

My kind of plants!

This is what they look like when they bloom. Picture taken at night as this variety only blooms at night.

This little branch was going along quite well and then decided to make a 90 degree turn and March 4th ...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More ramblings

As I may have mentioned

we had winter over the last weekend

there is no rain in the 10 day forecast

and the chances of a "March Miracle"

are slipping away

But this morning

as I walked around in the pre dawn

you could smell

the amazing things

the planet does with

a little water

the grass grows

flowers bloom

the insect population explodes

and the birds watch and smile

No we didn't have much of a winter

But Spring is in the air...

Stop all your running around

pause for a moment

and breath it in

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't go near the water

so there you have it


I hope you enjoyed it

If we get five more just like it

we will still be under the average rainfall

A fair amount of damage

mudslides below the hillsides


high tides and high surf

Gaviota pier broken off

the odd ocean front restaurant damaged

(table 3 would like their water glasses refilled when you get a minute)

Still probably the most dangerous thing in the water

are the pollutants

microbial, toxins,

street oil, dog poop,

and any things else that fits in the storm drain ...

plus the nuclear waste

don't tell me the something with a half life of thousands of years

is going to magically disappear

in the Pacific

like a lost fishing boat in a storm

But in a few days it will be Spring

and as they say

hope Springs Eternal....

And as I sit

watching the sunrise

with the cat on my lap

(in addition to personal protection services my duties include providing heat on cold or damp mornings)

I am looking forward

to sunshine

to warm water

and surf