/*23 Breaths: June 2013*/

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wavelength Art Show


How come all the great stuff is in San Diego?

Summer is in Full Swing

Abandon all hope and go with the tide

I can't really decide my favorite part of this video

Dick Dale in the wig (?)

The Dale / Vaughan guitar swap was a nice touch

The clips of the beach blanket stars and the following goofs

The Beav and Wally judging a contest.

Give it a look and post your favorite part in the comments

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Summer Day

there is a little fog along the coast this morning

so as I was enjoying a morning cup of tea

and providing my personal protection services for the cat

I noticed that the fog was damping all the traffic noises

just leaving the bird chirp and the insect hum

true morning sounds

hot green tea
cool morning fog
a refreshing start
for a hot summer day

Thursday, June 27, 2013


As you may know,
I try my hand at gardening
during the fair months

Nothing exotic
a bit of greens,
some tomatoes
and the sunflowers

They are lovely
swaying on their tall stalks
I use one of the images
here on 23B
quite regularly

In addition to the flowers
it seems
much to my surprise
that sunflowers
have seeds!

This seediness has not escaped the attention of our resident squirrel who insists on gorging him or herself at every opportunity.

Which is all well and good, I really don't mind sharing but if should come across this cheeky bugger mind your seeds!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Fatty, Standard, Omni, Mini

This season of the year, time as it is want to do, fluxes from the frigid, slow moving molasses of January, won't summer ever get here to a super speedy, blink and it's gone mode.

As time heats up it must thin out and move faster

Time travel, black holes, string theory shenanigans of cosmic proportions.

It happens every year

We are just too caught up in out Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 working for a paycheck lives to notice.   

The seeds I planted in the spring are grown and the fruit is at or near it's zenith.

Soon that burst of spring energy will begin to recede and the summer sun will dry out the new growth, beginning it's voyage back to compost and another trip around the wheel.

So as you go about your life seek to connect with yourself and your world with little reminders.

Rituals if you will. 

Little personal reminders of our short time here and our intentions.

Breathe deep and enjoy the ride 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Dusty Mat

with the 4th right around the corner can the circus be far away?

Enjoy the cooler temps and a bit of drizzle along the coast while it lasts. Once the high pressure moves in (let's say Wednesday) it will get hot all the way thru the holiday (at least). Which means EVERYONE will head to the beach to cool off. Good luck, be careful driving, keep a watchful eye on the visitors but give your parking spot to a local...

I was in temporary possession of this fine example of Dales work for a while now but have been too busy riding the 4thGF mini and now the Omni to really get it moved into the rotation. I dug it out of the pile in my room and took it out of the bag and inflated it. It was dusty. Now it looks like it's going back to it's rightful owner. I'm a little sad to see it go but I'm stoked it will get back in the water. Let the board riders hang beautiful examples of the craft on the wall. Mats should be rolled up and tucked away in the car really for the next go out.

 A sad thing a dusty mat
Finally homeward bound
Just in time for summer

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ashes of laughter - The ghost is clear

A deep marine layer, more than a little south wind and some generalized depression has me thinking about moving somewhere with few people fewer strip malls, fewer people (yes I said it twice it was so important) and a more natural setting that isn't so dependent on a lack of cut off lows

So while I try to write a few coherent words

Crank it up and enjoy

Ashes of laughter
The ghost is clear
Why do the best things always disappear?
Like Ophelia
Please darken my door.

Friday, June 21, 2013

summer solstice

That point in mother earth's speed wobble

where the top have of the ball gets a little more light

School is out (queue Alice Cooper)

and I have noticed

and uptick in the number of people

that have the good sense to spend their time wisely

and wile away most of the day at the beach

I see them when I come home from work

Tan, sunburned epidermi, hair completely ruined by sun, salt and wind

it's a good look....

Thursday, June 20, 2013


just for a moment,

just for one breath

a door opens

and you gaze

in amazement

thru the door

at the world

perfectly framed.

Then the door

slams shut

and you stand there

sometimes forever


just what it was

you saw...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home after a long absence

Cold clean sand underfoot
Makes that special “cruch” you don’t hear anymore
With so much dirt in the sand
But it’s here this morning
Welcoming me back

As I walk along
My favorite stretch of beach
You can still beach comb
They can't bring in the big machines
To groom the sand

The swell isn’t as good as earlier in the week
The tide a little too high
But it’s my first surf in months
So I don’t complain
In fact I'm giddy with excitement

The time honored ceremony is the same
The surf check
The suit up
The walk

My wetsuit is dry
Dry as my whistle
Dry as my gills
Dry to the bone

I stretch and I walk
The water surrounds my ankles
And I’m home
After a long absence

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Trash Day

so get rid of the stuff

that you don't need

make sure you check the kitchen

and the back yard.

recycle the recyclables

the rest we throw "away"

although there is no "away"

for which to throw things

it's just somewhere else.

While you are at it

get rid of your


your worn out notions

all the complex

images of the world,

the half truths

that you use to

prop up

your unreal view

of reality.

You will be happier if you do

And get rid of that extra twenty pounds


make it an even 23

it's trash day

Monday, June 17, 2013

These days

I tend to like the

Fall / Winter


more that the Spring / Summer


But it's all comes together

in the same box

no rain

no flowers.

So I can't get

warm sunny days

without the horrendous crowds

I can't get the crossed up

NW and SW swells

with the warm water

and offshore wind

in July.

So I just enjoy

the garden

the warm mornings

the barbecue grill and the fire works

while they're here

knowing that


is lurking

just a few

pages away

in the calendar.

Friday, June 14, 2013

good, better, best

I get up early

too early

so early the cat


and goes back to sleep

The dog would have

at least relocated

before going

back to sleep

But then I get on the net

and see that

the virtual world is in fact



"insomniactics and gypsy hacks"

all connected by

the thin blue line

of the



and I feel

a little better

Thursday, June 13, 2013

and the cats...

Another morning in the books

The internet is all about our new alien overloads, the cats, and I for one welcome them 

I just spent five minutes

mashing up cat food with a fork from the good flatware

because fluffy doesn't like to chew

not because he has an abscess or some dental condition

Actually, come to think of it

he has more functioning teeth that I do.

He just can't be bothered with biting and chewing

unless it's on my arm, but that is another matter

So there you have it

another 5 minutes of my precious lifetime spent

as an unpaid intern

staff for my cat.

You know

this is just as I expected my life to turn out


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Space for Rent

Personally I feel sorry for the poor smuck that has to go thru my emails, voice mails and general web viewing habits.

I can't imagine a more tedious task.

Hopefully this makes it a little better day.

Eyes of a Squirrel 

I'm Gone

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer came on Tuesday

So we all lose the woolly socks
that have keep us
these last few frigid winters months
or as I like to call it
Saturday and Sunday

We are shorn
of our heavy garb
permitting the sun to reach
places that haven't been sun kissed
since before the holidays

We don our shorts and slippas
and climb on the bus
to take us thru to summer
to then on to the fall

We try to remember
what summer used to be
sitting in the sun
listening to music
on a tiny speaker
in the sand

powered by a transistor

then transistors
were miniaturized
and whole batches
of LP records now fit
on my phone

only they aren't records
and LP
is just a charming bit
of historical trivia
from the sixties

The bus doesn't go to the beach anymore
it only stops at the dermatologist
who attempts to freeze off
those reminders
of summers past

Monday, June 10, 2013


Late night and early morning low clouds

Original Photo by Jason Hall "Photoshopped" with Gimp if that's possible


and again, and again and again

for this neck of the woods, June means

fog and sprinkles

no not that kind of sprinkles

BTW I have been told that these gritty chunks of extruded sugar are really called "Johnny's" in the trade but I call them sprinkles and I do not like them. I really don't like any of the things they sprinkle on top of cupcakes. I always feels like the you are eating them at the beach and there is a healthy dose of sand involved. At the beach that's ok. Anywhere else no so much. You are just eating sand. If your cup cakes can't stand on their own two legs then bake something else! 

Ok meandering rant on baked goods over let's return to the regularly scheduled monday content... where if I am not mistaken I was talking about lite precipitation...

The it's-not-raining-but-I-have-my-wipers-on-all-the-way-to-work-anyway kind of sprinkles

Technically this could be called rain but that would be insulting to real rain, which falls mainly on the plain but not in Southern California,

so I just call it sprinkles.

By noon it's hot and sunny until you get within a couple of miles from the beach,

where it is still foggy with a side order of wind

But never fear the summer Solstice is coming!

June 21st.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


As I attempt to rejoin the living

consuming my first jolt of coffee

while providing my personal protection services

to the cat

I noticed some pre-dawn wind


this causes me some concern

as I would like to take advantage 

of this fabled swell 

(never a good sign when a swell is wildly hyped

bad juju

I long for the olde days 

"you should have been here yesterday"

going to the beach and finding good surf 

was just like Christmas

without all the extraneous trappings)

but getting back to the wind at hand

it seems to be from a west / north west direction

which is good


for no other 


than it is not 

from the south

but it's still something 

as I plot and plan

tomorrow's escape

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something Different

I thought I would paddle out old style, under my own power even though everyone takes the water taxi out to the lineup now a days.

It not a taxi of course, but a custom backwash wave that moves you from the shore out to the waves

or where the waves will be, its sheet glass right now, not even a ripple.

The artificial off shore wind machine hadn’t started yet.

The waves I ordered from Surfline won’t be arriving for another 15 minutes yet. Surfline – “Let us know before you go and we’ll make it so".

The weather modification technologies that became available after the big nano tech breakthrough allow the onetime forecasting company to manufacture swell to order now.  I have been following the storms since I put my order in and the waves will arrive right on time or your money back. LOLA wave modeling programs which started off modeling swell and bathymetry now worked in conjunction with an AI and nano tech in the sea floor to provide the perfect ocean floor for the swell directions. Directions plural because the Surfline WaveMaker 2.3 release guaranteed that several swells could be generated to arrive at exactly the prearranged time and coordinates. Perfect "A Frame" peaks every time, unless you request something that wraps…

It was going to be my first go out on my new mat, a PranaGlider-23B.  I had just printed it and a new pair of Voit fins out from a 3D printer right on the beach. Carrying around gear stopped when you could save your personal designs on the web and then print it out with a 3D Ink Jet. When you are done the molecules are released back into the atmosphere as non polluting particles. 

The mat has a wave / sea floor interface with auto inflation and instant volume adjustment. The mat is filled with hydrogen gas it extracts out of the water and into the mat thru a smart membrane all controlled by direct neural connection with the visor I wear. It all happens in a millisecond. The AI in the mat monitors the wave, the ocean bottom and your body language and handles all the details. Sometimes I'll hack the program so I can drive. Just like the old days.

I have just enough time this morning to catch 2 of the three thousand yard rights I ordered 10 days ago. My friends think I’m crazy for ordering up waves and then letting them go unridden.  There is something about watching a wave peel off down the beach perfect and untouched that I find exciting and after the first two I am usually ready for a break.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Trifecta

Once again
That perfect combination
the three egg omelet of goodness
the holy trinity that makes for surf perfection

came together
as it always does
but this time

the weather forecast
was for
"summer like"
highs in the 80's

the swell
was a serviceable
some from this direction
and some from that

The water was
by some reports
as good as it gets

maybe just wear
and get a jump start
on that

but alast
it was not to be

I for one
am ready
to hand over
that ominous title
"Devil Winds"
not to those
that come from
the North East
beautifully shaping
whatever swell
at hand
into cover  photo
and occasionally
burning the house down

The true Devil Winds
come from the south
and blow a perfectly nice
weekend surf
to smithereens

suitable for tourist
surf schools
and the truly desperate

I left them to it

Yes in the
of wind
and swell

We were one fecta short

Sunday, June 2, 2013


We need to get

Catalina Eddy

hooked up with

Offshore Flo

cause this is getting monotonous