/*23 Breaths: Escape!*/

Thursday, June 6, 2013


As I attempt to rejoin the living

consuming my first jolt of coffee

while providing my personal protection services

to the cat

I noticed some pre-dawn wind


this causes me some concern

as I would like to take advantage 

of this fabled swell 

(never a good sign when a swell is wildly hyped

bad juju

I long for the olde days 

"you should have been here yesterday"

going to the beach and finding good surf 

was just like Christmas

without all the extraneous trappings)

but getting back to the wind at hand

it seems to be from a west / north west direction

which is good


for no other 


than it is not 

from the south

but it's still something 

as I plot and plan

tomorrow's escape


Henry Hester said...

Nowadays, we get to the fabled swells too early. " You should have been here tomorrow."

IsaacM. said...

Is that the Turrialba volcano?