/*23 Breaths*/

Monday, September 15, 2014

Should be a Hoedown post...

I should be writing a Handplane Hoedown post

but as I sit here sweltering in the heat at 5am

I can't seem to shift my focus to it...

Besides I need to filter thru the 200 plus photos

(there are some good ones!)

I should have done that on Saturday or Sunday

but both days it was too hot

the idea was replaced by a glass of ice water and a nap....

So let's talk about the heat!

Late Summer heat waves aren't uncommon here

the records we have been breaking the last few days are from 1984

but we are surpassing those records by a half a dozen degrees!

The Almanac tells me that today's temps will be 28 degrees above normal

I like to play a game

in the Winter and the Summer

I try an remember what it was like during the last season

how cold the air felt during the winter...

the feeling in my sinus' breathing in those first cold breaths after stepping outside in the morning

how cold my not yet numb toes felt as I pulled on my wet booties

(they never completely dry out in the Fall and Winter months)

The ice cream headache after duck diving the first set and coming up in the middle of the behind the wave rain shower of an offshore morning...

how you had to really focus to get your frozen fingers to work your car key in the lock

the feeling of warmth of that first post surf cup of coffee spreading out thru your chest and belly...

We will have a couple more hot days

then the cooling begins and by Friday things will be better...

Stay cool my friends!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Handplane Hoedown on Saturday

"The first thing you need when going body surfing is a fresh body"

Handplane hoedown tomorrow at the usual time / place

bring a fresh body

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

another new old guitar...

I could blame it on the extreme heat
or the fact that I post more on Facebook these days
(the horror!)
but it looks like I neglected to post pics of the new old guitar...

Alvarez AD65CE

They only made them for a year or two until they figured out that they was no market for them

"...the AD65CE includes arched spruce top with F-Holes and natural finish, maple sides and back, and Rosewood fretboard. Vintage features such as "Waverly" style tuners, Ivory/Black multi body binding, and nickel hardware help to capture a classic look and feel. On-board electronics include Alnico "Dog Ear" neck pickup, Piezo bridge pickup, and stereo output..."

nice guitar though

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

That's a record

As I sit here this morning
enjoying record temperatures
and equally high humidity levels

a mere shadow of my former self
having lost over half of my blood
to the roving swarms of West Nile

The only thing that keeps me going
(well the only thing besides enormous
quantities of espresso)

Is that the Handplane Hoedown is this weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Neither Fish nor Fowl

The mornings are chilly
the dawn overcast a perennial favorite

The evenings can be refreshing as well
as long as the cool sea breeze keeps up

The mid-day...as hot as the fourth of July...

The water's still warm

The waves are fun and the tourists have all gone home

I love the Fall!

Even though we aren't quite there yet...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Late Summer Early Fall

As I sit here taking in the morning on my front porch
I am earnestly trying to decide the season

The weather, such as it is in Southern California
has been warm especially at night
when a good walk around is perhaps a better call
then an attempt at bedding down for 40 winks

Definitely late Summer,

but then, out for a Sunday drive
I noticed the the usual conditions
sort of like making a right turn on to a busy
Nascar track during a race
were truly sparse.
"Sparse" and any reference to traffic being in the same sentence
when referring to the Southern California driving experience
being unusual indeed
and NEVER occurring during the summer season
Have the tourists gone home, gone back to school
or just disappeared like the colors of the night?

Definitely early Fall,

The giant surf gifted to us by our dear friend Maria
with sand and rock moved to new locations to mark the occasion
has subsided on these shores
with only the rides of a lifetime
and miles of film
to show for it...

Hurricane season, definately Summer,

then there is the light...
I'm sure painters have a word for it
the light that drove the local plein air movement is gone
those properties of light
that make each color come alive
each hue it's own public celebration of it's portion of the spectrum
are somehow absent
even midday landscapes have a feeling of late afternoon...

Yes definitely Fall

Welcome back

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today is the day

Global warming or perhaps some unique planetary alignment has given us a wealth of tropical hurricanes this year

The current storm (there are at least three active storms at the moment) Maria

has gifted us with a sizeable south swell which should peak today

The coastal temperatures are up as well.

A few days later would create the "perfect storm" of hot temps, large surf and a three day weekend.


Suddenly I'm thankful that it's only a Wednesday...

So charge it but be safe and keep an eye out for people in trouble

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who are YOU gonna call?

** My kids (back when they were still kids) watched Ghostbusters non-stop for 10 years.  I can (and do) quote dialog for any occasion.  They are re-releasing the picture in theaters and I can't wait ...

It's time for a repost!


It's time for another round of "What's the best surf car!"

Some of you may think that in these times, a 1959 Cadillac may not be the best option.

Given the current state of the environment and that petroleum based transportation may soon be on the decline.

That's precisely why this thing is going to makes a perfect base of operations!

Show up at the beach with siren and lights flashing,
and just park it for the summer.

You and a ton of your close personal friends can live in the back,
with plenty of room for long boards, short board, SUP's, kayaks, body boards and anything else you might require.

Mats would get lost in the cavernous interior of ECTO1 so take special care where you stash them.

Also remember to bring your bike for any short trips you may want to take as this beauty in not on the Sierra Clubs list of cars getting a decent MPG rating.

While this is not the most off road worthy car you can still take over any of the more urban surf centers the coast has to offer.
The Ghostbuster proton packs are sure to mellow out the most wild locals.

I would suggest using one to torch the lifeguard tower soon after arriving at the beach.

That will resolve any issues with the county about that silly law against riding mats at Malibu!

Make up a story about the ghosts haunting the tower and you will be sure to get an invitation to some of the more interesting New Age parties at the Colony that season.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I was in a bit of a funk...

My cat was sick so Morgan and I missed the Greenough movie on Friday night...

so we went down to the shore and noticed that there was some sort of strange gathering going on...
as I understand it, it was some sort of challenge to get lots of people to stand in a perfectly straight line
along the shoreline... 

There were some participants doing the same thing out in the water,
with less success though, they were sort of clumped together in spots...

I read and reread the instructions on the lifeguard tower
it seemed that ever thing was in order...
a few people even brought their dogs and bikes they were still in a line along the shore but I don't know if that counts in the grand total ...

I decided to shoot a few from a somewhat "pulled back" point of view

I'm sure there will be other, no doubt better photographs of this event there were easily 20 photographers there with a million dollars of cameras and lens recording the event...

There were at last count three different drones also recording the event

On occasion even the waves would break in a straight line near the shore...

Around 10 o'clock suddenly everything changed...

The standup board riders and body boards immediately paddled directly to shore,
just as the life guards had suggested...

leaving only the body surfers to ride the waves...
In the picture above, I know it's hard to see but this body surfer is tucked back under the falling lip of the wave...
I'm not sure if the "people standing in a straight line standing at the shore line"
 judges are going to be able to score his performance adequately ...
after that things started to get blurry

and really with the absence of the stand up surfers and bodyboarders the event lost focus and became more of a free for all ...

We decided to leave...

Just as I was leaving a man came up to me and gave me 10,000 dollars for this photo.
It's going to be the cover of the next "People standing in a straight line at the beach"  magazine.

Monday, August 18, 2014

blood relatives stop by for a bit and a drink...

Warm days
some would say hot
I don't really know as I sleep away the warmest part of the day

followed by cooler moist even foggy evenings and early mornings
watching the constant march of tropical depressions
You all know Karina, I would like to introduce depression twelve-E...

I have been enjoying sunsets
or a least that time of day
the earth begins to cool
and all my (at this point at least) blood relatives, the mosquitoes
stop by for a bit and a drink...

 Late summer early fall
Mid hurricane season
and the North Pacific could spin out some magic
at a moments notice

AM update
the swell has backed off
there is a bit of south wind
and the temps have dropped to a chilly
65 degrees...