/*23 Breaths*/

Friday, October 20, 2017

eggs and coffee

Wind from the get go this morning
it must be the weekend

How many times
have I looked at the trees
then driven down
my local geography
to have changed
so the winds don't
blow it to shit

it never changed things

thousands of surfers will
trade dreams of
glassy tubes
for a plate of eggs
and coffee

Watching another Fall  morning
as the sunrises

Monday, October 16, 2017

give a sprinkle to anything living in a pot

today it's going to be hot
summer is revisiting us today
for the third or fourth time this year
it should be in the ninetys...

I celebrated summers past last week
by cutting out chunks of my epidermis and a bit of dermis
that retained the summer memories
a little too well...

Mo-vember shot from a few years ago
channelling my inner Vincent Price / Bob Dylan
without the talent or the je ne sais quoi,
but with the cheesy mustache....

so make sure the kids and pets have enough water
and give a sprinkle to anything living in a pot

Thursday, October 5, 2017

no that's the wrong franchise

Kendog with the mat that "made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs"

Thursday, September 28, 2017


another dawn reveals
which is to say
it reveals
the concealer
not like those creams
the sell on late night TV
(enjoy your wrinkles, you worked hard for them)
but a ground cloud
that removes some of the sights
that distract us and keeps us from the now
a good day to sit
enjoy a cup of joe
and breathe

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

bursts into flame

a dirty orange scar
mars the sunrise
the canyon fire

the seasonal combination
of heat, fuel and oxygen
marks the calendar
fall has begun

last winters epic rains
drives the growth of
coastal sage
fragrant and oily
the staff of life
for thousands of birds
and criters

bursts into flame

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Just like the weather but more so

In socal

I've said it all before
warm days
cool nights
swell (sometimes)

the tourist hordes
God love em
have returned
wence they came

off shore
groom random swells
and burn
your neighbor's house

speaking of the winds
I've seen a bumber crop
of tumbleweeds
this season
they used to be everywhere
but then suddenly
like the pelicans
all but
for a few seasons

The rainy season
(Christmas to March)
will be here soon enough
the next four months
seem to go by like they
are on roller skates

So now
I watch the garden change
wonder where my Ugg boots are
after the sun sets

I'll check out
some new books
at the library

We live interesting times

Just like the weather
but more so

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Turkey and Giblet Feast Classic

That was his favorite
Whenever he wouldn't eat
anything else
and the buffet would stretch on for miles
the little can of Turkey & Giblets
would turn his head
and he would munch away
in that noisy way
the tumor adding another layer
to the symphony that was
Fluffy eating

RIP Fluf

Sunday, September 27, 2015

my favorite season

It's my favorite season
you know what that means
the tourists have gone back from whence they came
warm water
crossed up swells from the north and the south
maybe even offshore winds

but mostly

instead of being
a cranky old man
yelling at kids to
"stay off my lawn"

(just to be clear I really don't have a problem with kids on the lawn (dirt patch as it is due to the drought, but at this point it's a cranky-old-man-union thing and you don't want to get out of sorts with the local...)

but I digress...

now instead of being
a cranky old man
yelling at kids

I'm that kindly old gentleman with the cat and the seasonally appropriate coffee mug who is always sitting typing on his porch in the morning...

Friday, August 14, 2015

ode to an E

i knew it was coming
i've been preparing myself
but it always comes suddenly


time takes us all

stress plays a big part
so does the oxidation
that defines life

the subattomic bonds
(everything happens at a subatomic level)
that always held things together
were not longer equal
to the forces that want to tear them apart

without warning
it was just gone
not with the sound of a thunder clap
not during a climaxtic bend
at the end of a solo

nothing so grandiose

this morning
as I changed tuning
from open G
back to standard
concert pitch

my high e string broke

Monday, August 10, 2015

Except for the figs

Late summer
the tomatoes are spent
the native sages have grown, flowered and faded
as much as they can
in a drought year
several trees died
nothing did well
except for the figs....

the surf
such as it is
in the summer
has had a few moments
but nothing
that will remain
in memory
for very long
"remember the thunder from down under?"

the crowds, the tourist
have had a field day
infesting the beaches
but no riot at HB this year...

the last few days
a cold snap (upper 70's) for August
always a warm month
I have noticed the change of season
the plants
they don't have calendars
they ARE calendars...
they know and
are turning
completing the circle...

so now the temps will
crank back back up in a few days
but still

the weather will cool
the kids will go back to school
and things will change

back to normal
back to the fall