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The most advanced surf craft on earth

I used to do a feature called "Boards from the Rafters" on my old surf blog. I would drag out one of my old logs snap a few horrible pictures and then try to describe why I liked or didn't like the board.

Now I ride mats and a photo of the outside doesn't quite capture the essence of the magic on the inside. You are constantly reshaping the thing constantly as you surf it that's why mats are the most advanced surf craft on earth. That said. I was sorting thru some things in the garage and snapped some pics of the boards I used to ride before I discovered the surf mats. I love a good fish, a nice tri and the bonzers are unreal.

"Submitted for your approval..."

Not quiet as "gunny" as this photo makes it look but if the need arises ...
I have certain criteria when I am looking for a board. Expert craftsmanship and full functionality over everything else, no fiberglass slippers for riding my local beachy. Something that floats, paddles well, turns…

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