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Morning Ride

A glass breaks in the kitchen and I'm jolted awake in a manner only slightly less annoying that the time our two year old threw up on me. After fetching my wife her slippers and helping to clean up the glass I start my daily routine. Clothes, food, backpack but halfway through packing I realize it's Saturday and I don't have any appointments today. What do the unemployed do on their weekends? They go on bike rides. Of course! So I take my interview clothes out of the bag and replace them with my wetsuit, fins and inflatable surf mat. The bananas and water bottle can stay.

Instead of weaving the skinny tire bike between the cars to arrive at an appointment on time I will be weaving the fat tire bike between the slowly moving moguls consisting of tourists families visiting the beach for the day.

Initially this was just a was to spend less on gas but I have found numerous unknown sand bars that I would have driven right by in the car.  The front rack takes my dripping…

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