/*23 Breaths: February 2015*/

Friday, February 20, 2015

23B - the heart of the internets

Spring is coming
Leashes ruined Surfing
The water is polluted and there are too many people

All topics you heard about first here

at the heart of the internets


So as I dig deeper into
the center of our
everyday reality

go check out more
of Lloyd's trip
to Kauai


He is checking out Ambrose' quiver

Good Stuff

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going Off

Welcome to Fat Tuesday
that feels like a Monday
in some ways

The brief rains
at the beginning of the year
you remember
it was in all the papers...

Well the local sage plants
they know what to do
with a little rain
being the local sages

To say that they have
"gone off"
would be to devalue
both "gone" and "off"

In the mean time
I hear there has been surf

quiet the boards are sleeping...

Monday, February 16, 2015

City Birds

every morning is a poem
this one smells like sage
but the birds outside
are doing imitations
of car alarms
and nothing
with that...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nothing to see here move along...

Three Monday blizzards in a row for the Northeast

yesterday I spent the day in shorts

mowed the lawn and barbecued

it was too hot to cook inside

the forecast calls for three days in the mid eighties

this week

in early February

There seems to be swell

and conditions favor some offshore winds

just another day in paradise

If you stand still and put your hands out

you can feel the real estate values rising...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Today is Ground hog day

The super bowl is over

(somebody won and there seem to be a bunch of people pissed it wasn't their team.  I am disappointed that there weren't any good commercials.  Oh and it's not your team, it belongs to some billionaire...but the guacamole was excellent)

The holiday season has come and gone

So we have just about run out of things to celebrate during the "winter" season in socal

I am using quotes to indicate some scepticism that it's really winter.

But Prana, what about

The north east


the mid west
(which is decidedly in the eastern half of the country and will be the topic of a rant another day)

I've never been to any of them (I don't get out much)

and at this point never really expect to

The truth be told I don't go east of the 405 much (its a north south freeway in socal)

no need

but to circle back around to the point of today's discourse

In my ethnocentric little bubble I like to call reality,

let's just say "winter" (again note the sceptic quotes)

is over

and call it an early spring

what's 46 days between friends?