/*23 Breaths: Today is Ground hog day*/

Monday, February 2, 2015

Today is Ground hog day

The super bowl is over

(somebody won and there seem to be a bunch of people pissed it wasn't their team.  I am disappointed that there weren't any good commercials.  Oh and it's not your team, it belongs to some billionaire...but the guacamole was excellent)

The holiday season has come and gone

So we have just about run out of things to celebrate during the "winter" season in socal

I am using quotes to indicate some scepticism that it's really winter.

But Prana, what about

The north east


the mid west
(which is decidedly in the eastern half of the country and will be the topic of a rant another day)

I've never been to any of them (I don't get out much)

and at this point never really expect to

The truth be told I don't go east of the 405 much (its a north south freeway in socal)

no need

but to circle back around to the point of today's discourse

In my ethnocentric little bubble I like to call reality,

let's just say "winter" (again note the sceptic quotes)

is over

and call it an early spring

what's 46 days between friends?

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tuskedbeast said...

I really appreciate your writing (obliquely and more directly)about climate change; without a doubt it's a subject that needs to be on everyone's lips.