and the cats...

Another morning in the books

The internet is all about our new alien overloads, the cats, and I for one welcome them 

I just spent five minutes

mashing up cat food with a fork from the good flatware

because fluffy doesn't like to chew

not because he has an abscess or some dental condition

Actually, come to think of it

he has more functioning teeth that I do.

He just can't be bothered with biting and chewing

unless it's on my arm, but that is another matter

So there you have it

another 5 minutes of my precious lifetime spent

as an unpaid intern

staff for my cat.

You know

this is just as I expected my life to turn out



Hahahahahahaa that's me and my animals... But my chihuahua is running low on the teeth and I have to make him special bite size food as well!

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