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Monday, June 10, 2013


Late night and early morning low clouds

Original Photo by Jason Hall "Photoshopped" with Gimp if that's possible


and again, and again and again

for this neck of the woods, June means

fog and sprinkles

no not that kind of sprinkles

BTW I have been told that these gritty chunks of extruded sugar are really called "Johnny's" in the trade but I call them sprinkles and I do not like them. I really don't like any of the things they sprinkle on top of cupcakes. I always feels like the you are eating them at the beach and there is a healthy dose of sand involved. At the beach that's ok. Anywhere else no so much. You are just eating sand. If your cup cakes can't stand on their own two legs then bake something else! 

Ok meandering rant on baked goods over let's return to the regularly scheduled monday content... where if I am not mistaken I was talking about lite precipitation...

The it's-not-raining-but-I-have-my-wipers-on-all-the-way-to-work-anyway kind of sprinkles

Technically this could be called rain but that would be insulting to real rain, which falls mainly on the plain but not in Southern California,

so I just call it sprinkles.

By noon it's hot and sunny until you get within a couple of miles from the beach,

where it is still foggy with a side order of wind

But never fear the summer Solstice is coming!

June 21st.

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