A Dusty Mat

with the 4th right around the corner can the circus be far away?

Enjoy the cooler temps and a bit of drizzle along the coast while it lasts. Once the high pressure moves in (let's say Wednesday) it will get hot all the way thru the holiday (at least). Which means EVERYONE will head to the beach to cool off. Good luck, be careful driving, keep a watchful eye on the visitors but give your parking spot to a local...

I was in temporary possession of this fine example of Dales work for a while now but have been too busy riding the 4thGF mini and now the Omni to really get it moved into the rotation. I dug it out of the pile in my room and took it out of the bag and inflated it. It was dusty. Now it looks like it's going back to it's rightful owner. I'm a little sad to see it go but I'm stoked it will get back in the water. Let the board riders hang beautiful examples of the craft on the wall. Mats should be rolled up and tucked away in the car really for the next go out.

 A sad thing a dusty mat
Finally homeward bound
Just in time for summer


Graham said…
The wonderful thing about riding a mat is that you can literally take it out anywhere there is a wave.I like that i can sacrifice quality of wave for space and still have a great time. Whether it's 2 parking lots up from the "good wave" or somewhere that requires a walk to get there (again to avoid crowds), riding a mat makes it much more do-able.
Anonymous said…
I recently rode mu Neumatic Advanced after a long absence from the water.On On the first ride I felt the special magic that made Dale's mats unique. It was kind of sad realizing that it may be the last of it's kind.
Quiver said…
I emailed Dale a few weeks back about a replacement valve plug. No response yet. Does anyone know how he's doing?
Anonymous said…
He seems to have gone completely off the grid. Have not heard from him for quite a while.

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