Fatty, Standard, Omni, Mini

This season of the year, time as it is want to do, fluxes from the frigid, slow moving molasses of January, won't summer ever get here to a super speedy, blink and it's gone mode.

As time heats up it must thin out and move faster

Time travel, black holes, string theory shenanigans of cosmic proportions.

It happens every year

We are just too caught up in out Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 working for a paycheck lives to notice.   

The seeds I planted in the spring are grown and the fruit is at or near it's zenith.

Soon that burst of spring energy will begin to recede and the summer sun will dry out the new growth, beginning it's voyage back to compost and another trip around the wheel.

So as you go about your life seek to connect with yourself and your world with little reminders.

Rituals if you will. 

Little personal reminders of our short time here and our intentions.

Breathe deep and enjoy the ride 


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