You should have been there...

As I sit here enjoying my morning coffee

(is there anything better than opening a fresh bag of beans and brewing it up?)

I am thinking of the coming Spring and Summer surf seasons

a couple "chances of rain" which by now are viewed like

"chances to win the lottery"

it's great if it happens but I not exactly counting on it...

But there are a few things one can count on

April 5th
Always a good time
Good friends, good strangers all intent on riding some waves and sharing a good time
nothing else to say

May 7-10th
Ley lines cross under Bird's Shed

There is the waterman's ball and the various local and international contests with their accompanying scenes.

All well and good but these two events are core.

In the years to come you will want to say "oh year those first 10 years, before the big money limousine crowd caught on, it was epic man! You should have been there..."


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