The Legend of Spyder Wills

Pro Body surfer, contriubuting photograper on most if not all of the great movies of the era, Paipo rider and Frisbee master

Ladies and Gentlemen

Spyder Wills

Spider Wills from Z Weyand on Vimeo.

Some of his work with Greg Weaver

Maybe some skateboarding,

Thanks to Mateo for jogging my memory


Wally said…
Nice, I haven't seen Spyder in years. We use to run in to him while we were camping on our "Property".
tuskedbeast said…
Thanks for sharing this!

What a smart, quick, interesting guy- and what a poor interviewer. I mean, it sounds like he has a rapport with the guy, but half-listens to his answers, talks over him, misses a ton of interesting cues...
pranaglider said…
I agree, a smart quick interesting guy with a ton of stories. The Frisbee stuff was interesting but all morning I have been thinking that someone needs to do a gnarly Surfers Journal style interview regarding the surfing, the movies, the paipo and the whole socal beach thing. It would be epic! hmmm
pranaglider said…
Tusky, Great suggestion! Sadly I'm well aware that I am a lowly blogger and cranking out a couple of dozen words daily surrounding either free or borrowed visual content doesn't put me in the category of surf writer.

But all is not lost. I hear the low sounds of wheels clicking and ideas forming in the surf media world that could lead to the totally boss Spyder Wills article that I for one can't wait to read.

As for me, another 15 years of daily practice and I will be ready to start getting my first rejection notices. If there is a Geriatric Surfer Magazine by then it would help.
Unknown said…
You can do it, your stuffs good. No excuse's ;-)
pranaglider said…
I am looking to get in contact with Mr. Wills if anyone has his contract info email me at pranaglider at hotmail dot com.

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