hurricanes, back to school ads and thicker mugs

Eugene! You get in the window this instant!

(I don't know I just felt like writing that)

Eugene here, having rounded the corner, may turn our way for a moment.

The water has been a tad chilly this summer so that will probably suck the life out of poor Eugene.

The slow parade of tropical depressions are another indicator of late summer.

I saw, they have been going for a while but this one just registered on me, my very first BACK-TO-SCHOOL sale ad yesterday, the definitive indicator of the end of summer.  Nothing kills your summer buzz like a back to school sale. It drives a knife thru the very heart of summer and twists.

Oh and I used the winter mug for my tea this morning. It's thicker walls keep the tea warmer longer.

Yep, that's it, hurricanes, back to school ads and thicker mugs. Summer's over.

I have to get new booties.


pranaglider said…
If it starts getting cold enough for me to search out the current location of my Uggs then you KNOW summer is over and Fall / Winter has truely begun.
baldingboarder said…
it`s only 1/2 over, let`s enjoy the almost 6 weeks left ( but those school kids can get out of the water and go back to school soon enough)

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