River of Time

I was out and about this weekend

I try to celebrate the same holidays as everyone else

just not on the same days exactly.

Next weekend when everyone else is hell bent on making the most of the "Last Days of Summer", I will already have that one in the books and can enjoy my day off in peace.  Low tech time travel I grant you but one does what one can.

(some rumbling in the FB underground about a mat meet next weekend but more about that later)

So I was floating about in the local designated surfing area, still clothed in my full suit, wondering why the water never really warmed up this year. I have heard the term "bathwater" tossed about a few times but then  always followed up by, "but that was last week it's dropped a lot since then".  Usually, by this time in the season, we usually have had a consistent 68-70 degree water for a while. It's true that the weather has been mild but certainly much warmer than last year.

But the change of season is coming.  Fall has been my favorite season for a while now. Summer used to be. I had the whole think off and lounged around the beach. What's not to love? Now it's definitely fall. The tourists develop some sort of seasonal amnesia and forget about the beach. While the crowds thin out, the  chances  of  combo swells with just a tad of off shore breeze increase ten fold. You gonna love the fall!


Thank you! We love the sunflower from your garden and your beach side poetry, too. Aloha, Cher and Steve
pranaglider said…
My pleasure Cher and Steve

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