There is something about the light

Dunfanaghy Photos
This photo of Dunfanaghy is courtesy of TripAdvisor

nice weekend despite a enough wind to junk up the surf from daylight to sunset

I've used up the summers allocation of vacation days (3)

So even though the summer doesn't end officially (September 23)

or unofficially (Labor Day September 5) until later

there is something about the light in the afternoon that tells me the end of the season is near.

I know that the summer contests are still raging on, summer beach traffic is insane and there is enough monsoonal moisture in Southern Cal to make things a tad stuffy (although I did enjoy the sprinkles we had yesterday and I hear the lighting in the mountains and deserts was spectacular!)

The light thing is not anything I could capture with a camera

but still

fall is on its way

and I couldn't be happier


Ramsnake said…
Agreed. Autumn and winter are the best seasons here also. Winds either very light or mainly offshore and goodly amounts of swell

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