Not Deja Vu we really are doing it again!

This Sunday we are going to meet at the south end of Bolsa Chica state park this time, early (6:30) to check conditions, drink coffee, tell lies and maybe surf a little.

Generally speaking a short hike over the bridge to the south is just the thing to wake your body and deliver you to slightly less crowded waters.

The swell(s) look more promising that earlier in the week and while it won't be triple-over-head, the forecast calls for two small south swells and some nw swell as well!

Come and try out all the new gear you picked up at Shelter on Saturday!


john said…
yikes, the home of stingrays and sup's galore. be careful, don't forget your sunscreen and have a good time!!!!!
pranaglider said…
John, Definitely a place to do the stingray shuffle and the SUPs are great indicators of incoming sets!

Come on down the more the merrier!
That's called positive reframing Prana. :-)

Have fun you's.

pranaglider said…
Lots of wind this morning we will need to check it in the morning. First thing after getting up run out side, lick you finger and stick it up in the air. If it gets cold on one side, it's windy go back inside and go back to bed. If the finger remains wet, go back inside its raining.

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