Deja Vu Mat Meet

Since several people have mentioned that they would like to give Bolsa another go we are collectively kicking around the idea of another mat meet next Sunday.

I have given the code name deja vu to this mat meet.

Either it was that or "Same mat time same mat station" but a quick show of hands, how many of you were alive or watched enough Batman reruns to remember that signoff?

I thought so.

So deja vu it is!

Other than the whole naming thing (which is after all the most important thing) we have the matter of the surf.

Now as you all know surf comes and surf goes and if you have nothing but time on your hands the surf always comes back.

But the current forecasts don't look good for Sunday.  Check it here 

I don't remember it exactly but it was something like,  The surf will be Flat! with flat sets, flat pick and choose flat corners.  Something like that, so we have that going on.

There is a bit of tropical activity which can show up suddenly, like a unannounced guest from out of town, but also like the aforementioned guest you can never really depend on these things to do what you want.

So there you have it, a definite maybe with a side order of we'll see.


Thank you for your very creative post!
Aloha, Cher and Steve

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