of course what I meant by that was

In the spirit, style and fade right go left gyrations of the upcoming election season

Let me rephrase yesterdays post.

When I encouraged people on the US East Coast to be careful regarding the approaching hurricane

of course what I meant by that was,

 watch out for the earthquake!

I hope you all are safe and sound.

Now look out for the hurricane!


Jamie said…
Strange times way out east Bruce... cat 3 already this morning and lining up square with my island home. not looking like a good weekend to be on Hatteras. Oddly enough I was out in the yard working on hurricane prep and didn't even notice the earthquake. Now I'm done with securing the house, time to get a couple days of surf before we batten down the hatches and ride this one out! I'm blowing up the whole mat quiver in case we need to ride out a flood.
pranaglider said…
Jamie, best of luck!

I usually keep a pair of fins and the odd floatation device in the back of the car. When people ask, I always mention that with just the right quake, Cali could be gone and there could be a nice shore break in Nevada. (Tom T. is quite aware and way ahead of me on this).

Good luck to all the right coasters!
Yeah seconded.

It;s strange that in my neck of the woods we see these hurricanes and rub our hands together in anticipation of the south westerly swells that push up the channel and light up our more fickle yet beautiful reefs and points in the South Devon/South East Cornwall area.

It's only in recent times that I've enjoyed these swells with a slight tinge of guilt. Should I enjoy these waves given the suffering endured at their formation? Alternatively, am I and my UK south coast brethren somehow finding the fleck of gold in the sack of sh*te?


You tell me


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