Shark Week

Once again it's "Shark Week" on the Discover Channel.

The drinking game above should help with the terror.

You won't last 10 minutes until you are stewed to the gills.

I for one, am just thankful for the people that stay out of the water because of "Shark Week"

I am also thankful for the sharks themselves, as they taste great in a little garlic and butter.


HA.. everyone here at work talks to me about shark week and surfing. They think I am crazy..I told them you know what it crazier.. a fishing friend of my just took a pic last week of a 200lb 8' Thresher shark in the surf.. just on the other side of the pier of my home break..and yet I still go out. ;-)..even though threshers really are not out to harm humans thier tail can be more dangerous than thier mouth. ACTUALLY you know what in honor of shark week.. I think I will post that pix on my blog. =).. Stay tuned! AND thresher does taste good with butter and garlic.. Say's a fishermans wife!

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