Mat meet on Sunday at Bolsa

We are going to meet at Tower 21 early (6:30) to check conditions, drink coffee, tell lies and maybe surf a little.

The swell(s) look promising and the tide is rising thru the morning.

The State beach has all the amenities so bring the family.


tuskedbeast said…
Looking forward to the report and hopefully pictures. Have fun!!

Apropo of nothing besides we're both mat surfers and you guys will be at a beachbreak: I had a bit of a revelation regarding getting out the back in disorganized short period surf- something I'd come to dread on the mat.

In the same way that "not-trying" often gets you the best rides, "not-trying" can get me back out through the waves. I'm finding that quick, intuitive decisions and different techniques combined in a flowing manner works and is actually pleasurable; part of the ride!

My favorite new rolling technique is rolling off the mat, grabbing one corner and swimming through the wave.This is for smaller surf, obviously.

General kudos for the blog, which I look at daily. Always an intelligent read.

pranaglider said…
Jonathan - Thanks for the kind words about the blog and for pointing out the often over looked point that 'not-trying' is the way to go. The meet went off and while the waves were only fun, mat riding with a bunch of other matters was super fun.
Any footage?

I did see your forecast... Better than ours!

Tricky time of year to have a meet really.


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