Mat Meet / Shelter Swap

So before the mat meet on Sunday you can cruse up to Shelter in Long Beach.

I spoke to Graham and he told me he has a large stash of single fins.

So if you need a fin, a new used standup or have misc surf stuff to sell or trade head over to Shelter this Sunday.

If the ground swell of actual swell was as large as the ground swell of support for another Bolsa mat meet we could be expecting over head sets.

But the forecast has gone from flat to 1-2 which if you are on a mat IS over head.

So it looks like we meet at again. More details tomorrow.

SoCal Weather - today should be the last hot day. Friday we lose 5 degrees off the daytime highs and another 5 as we enter the weekend. 


Surfsister said…
Prana, dear, the Shelter swap is on Saturday. Just sayin'.
pranaglider said…
I you expect me to write the blog and read it too, well we need to renegotiate my contract!


Thanks I will make the appropriate changes

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