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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I watched a bit of this over the weekend live over the internets

I laughed out loud when both of the commentators agreed that "there was a little bit of the nose of the board sticking out on that last one" so it couldn't be a high scoring ride, maybe a 4.0


tuskedbeast said...

The surfer slang and jive talk were laid on pretty thick by those commentators... I got kind of embarrassed for "my subculture" when my non-surfer friend started watching the broadcast with me.

pranaglider said...

I feel that way myself. My personal record is 2 minutes 30 seconds before I have to turn the sound off.

Beetlejuice said...

Never heard the term "chandelier" used so many times to describe close-outs waves,but I'm old.

pranaglider said...

I assume that chandelier is a reference to large chunks of the roof falling down, I like it! I've never heard the term either, but then, I'm old too.