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Surfer boys & girls, Lorne, 1975 © Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive

TuskedBeast contributed the insightful theory that "summer music" is more of a shared experience than a calendar phenomena.

So very true and obvious once someone points it out.

I did some searching with the way-back machine and came up some Billboard hits for the time period in question.

1. Love Will Keep Us Together, The Captain and Tennille
2. Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell
3. Philadelphia Freedom, Elton John
4. Before the Next Teardrop Falls, Freddy Fender
5. My Eyes Adored You, Frankie Valli
6. Shining Star, Wind and Fire
7. Fame, David Bowie
8. Laughter In the Rain, Neil Sedaka
9. One of These Nights, Eagles
10. Thank God I'm a Country Boy, John Denver
11. Jive Talkin', The Bee Gees
12. The Best of My Love, The Eagles
13. Lovin' You, Minnie Riperton
14. Kung Fu Fighting, Carl Douglas
15. Black Water, The Doobie Brothers
16. The Ballroom Blitz, Sweet
17. (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, B.J. Thomas
18. He Don't Love You (Like I Love You), Tony Orlando and Dawn
19. At Seventeen, Janis Ian
20. Pick Up the Pieces, The Average White Band
21. The Hustle, Van McCoy and The Soul City Symphony
22. Lady Marmalade, Labelle
23. Why Can't We Be Friends, War

I think this is firm support for the "shared experience" theory because no one would pick this lot out on their own.

Although I have to admit I have always been a big fan of Kung Fu Fighting


Surfsister said…
Wow. There are some truly horrible songs on that list.

If summer music is a shared experience, all of you folks need to get away from me so that I don't have to share those experiences (particularly numbers 1, 2 3, 5, 8, 11, 17, 18, 19 and 21) again!
tuskedbeast said…
Surfsister, does that mean you're cool with Thank God I'm a Country Boy?
tuskedbeast said…
I should add this: ;)
Unknown said…
Loved the mono photo from our own Mr Ellis though my recollection of the 70s was that it was way more dishevelled. Music wise (and I wasn't paying attention to era boundaries) some nice tunes I recall hearing in summer were - OPen Up Your Heart by G Wayne Thomas and War Is Over - John/Yoko, Bowie Starman is in there somewhere with a whole lot of punk and new wave memories and death to disco. cheers
pranaglider said…
Most fun in a comments I've had recent memory is going back in forth between the list and the explicit exemptions in SurfSister's list. That one! chortle chortle! HA! So own up are you a huge John Denver fan or not? I will admit to some toe tapping on a tune or two, on my part. And WAR! Who don't like WAR! hmmm that didn't come out right...
Surfsister said…
Well, I hate to say it, TB, but yes. I remember that song from when I was much, much younger. It's the only John Denver song I can stomach. It's up-tempo and rather short. So, yeah, I can listen to that song once or twice without gagging.
tuskedbeast said…
You should definitely check out "Grandma's Feather Bed" then!

double ;)

I cop to liking almost all of that plop

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