Sunday walk around the garden

The sun flowers were late blooming this year but they were worth it.

Gave away some cutting of the night blooming Cerius this year and was rewarded with three batches of blooms. This last one will have forty flowers. 
Probably a lesson there about getting back ten times what you share and give away.

Nice thing about growing oranges in Orange County, there is always something to snack on.

Orange blossoms smell so good I would grow the tree just for those. 

The garden is guarded by a really cranky cat.

The apple tree is a dependable producer. By this time of the season the apples are sweeter. My wife makes a mean apple pie and I have been meaning to try the Mateo apple sauce

The sunflower leaves do this wonderful color change starting in late summer.

If bees had pinup posters on the bedroom walls in the hive it would look like this.
close up of the heart of a sunflower.

Each pollinated flower produces a seed. The local squirrels are starting their count down.

 I would like to take create for taking "artistically angled" shots of the sunflowers. The truth is I'm short and they are very tall.

Either they are some really big cherry tomatoes or there are pumpkins growing in with the tomato bushes

The garden bear on patrol

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife Morgan!
Without her I would be living in a van down by the river eating a steady diet of government cheese.


Ramsnake said…
Government cheese? Jeez, mate, a life of largesse, without Michelle I would be living under a rusty piece of corrugated iron at the local dump with the occasional dead seagull carcass to pick through!
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I LOVE THE SHOUT OUT TO YOUR WIFE! Everyone tells my hubs meeting me saved his life too! So glad you boys can acknowledge that! Happy Anniversary! Your garden is lovely..and I really love the security guard!

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