I was misinformed

It seems that there is a substantial chunk of Summer left
so continue on
as you were.

As it turns out there is quite a bit to do in the surf world

Museum Exhibit -

The California Surf Museum in Oceanside currently has an exhibit entitled "Transitional Thinking: A Short Story 1966-1972". I haven't been yet but part of the exhibit includes a copy of Greenough's kneeboard Velo.  Follow the link for more details.

I need to credit Cher for posting some great pics on Facebook and for the tip on this one.

Gallery Exhibit -

If people keep yelling "Eureka" at you when you ask what town you are in, and it doesn't seem strange, then you are in the right place to enjoy some fine art work at the Sewell Gallery in Eureka Ca. Follow the link to the Beard Art Site from more information.

Surf Report -

From the usual sources - it seems that the surf is up (a bit) and the wind is down (hurrah).

If you could ride one for me a would be beholden to ya.

Virtual News -

The Virtual Premiere of  Cyrus Sutton's latest movie "Under the Sun"

So here is the deal, you sign up and pay your dough then watch the movie online between 8/5 and 8/7.
How easy as that!

One last thing

Why do they call these the "dog days" of summer?  My dog has been miserable the last few nights. I know this because she has explained it to me in great detail long into the night. Some people question that I talk to my dog. It's true that she is more the "good listener" type, but when appropriate she will stop me in mid sentence to interject an insightful thought or two.  Just sayin'


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