Let's do it!

OK so the sage(s) at SolSpot say,

"Sunday SW swell (190-220) starts to look a bit more consistent; building with periods around 17 to 18 seconds. The average SW facing breaks and ok combo spots will continue to be in the waist-shoulder high range while the top SW breaks and excellent combo spots see some shoulder-head high surf and inconsistent overhead high sets."

I think that Sunday would be a good day to give the south side a go.
Just us, the local body board community and more tourists than you can shake a stick at.

I'm thinking mid morning, (I think black ball starts at 11) until the wind really comes up or arms and legs turn to noodles. 

I'll send up some sort of smoke sign

I know we can never have the entire matting community at every event. 
People have lives
They need to buy gas and food
There's carmageddon this weekend
All the better to be able to say 

"You really missed it! You should have been there yesterday!!!" 


misterdirk said…
No can do, which is a shame because I haven't surfed there in over a decade. I would love to give it another try someday. Go for it -- I expect to read epic tales of camaraderie and daring action!
pranaglider said…
It's beginning to look like a low turn out but that just makes the tales taller. The swell has already gone to way overhead and the wind has turned offshore! You really missed it!
tuskedbeast said…
Never fails. Agree to cat-sit in Orinda and watch the swells start to form.
pranaglider said…
Tusked - You are taking one for the team and I for one appreciate it!
tuskedbeast said…
Just frustrated. I have yet to be in the water with another mat rider. It's the longing of the minority to be around his kind, I guess...

Have a great time, and take pictures!
pranaglider said…
TB- no worries I've got you covered! Check 23B on Monday for all the lies that are fit to print!
Surfsister said…
#@$%! I'm trying to hook up with another mat rider that day, one who could potentially get caught up in Carmageddon. I'm not sure I could get both of us down there in time, so we're kind of forced to stay in L.A. County! #$%@ Carmageddon!

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