/*23 Breaths: these revolutions will be televised*/

Saturday, July 2, 2011

these revolutions will be televised

As has been our custom for the last 10 years or so, my wife and I will be glued to the TV everyday for the next month.

It's our little virtual vacation in France.

I don't dress up in spandex an move the bike and trainer into the living room.

(OK I thought about it once)

More like we have a nice little meal in front of the telly with nice ingredients from the garden

and a glass of the red.

Perhaps too virtual but I have to take what I can get.


Piskian said...

Watch out for the contaminated steaks,Prana!
Still,I still remain a tifosi....

pranaglider said...

Another good reason to eat lower on the food chain! The first day was very interesting this may be the a great one, but you really never know what the next days racing will bring.

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

go to paris this late fall. go go go go

pranaglider said...

HNE - Sage advice! We talk about riding and eating and riding and eating and drinking but we haven't as yet gotten up off the couch.