I wait all year for this

The tomatoes for sure 

Don't they look lovely in my official Pastafarian helmet?

But while they are glorious globes of goodness

The real news is that my wife and I will be on vacation for a few days.

We drop my son off at ComicCon and spend some time enjoying San Diego

Returning everyday like some sort of confused swallow

If you need to reach me I will be on the 2nd or 3rd bench from the top of the Fern Grotto.

*If I'm not there try Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe

One more thing

Tropical dancer Dora may not quite be the wave maker we would like here in So Cal.

If you are in Mexico be careful


Fresh off the vine home grown tomatos. NOTHING can compare. It is funny how the store bought ones really do not taste like tomatos at all. =(.. WE just got a batch from our tomato plant too. YUM! AND our zuchini is going wild.So tonight for dinner we are making a tomato zuchini kind of stir fry and we sprinkle a lil bit of fat free mozzarella on top YUM!
pranaglider said…
I'm glad you are enjoying the harvest of your garden! I really like that combination of tomatoes and zuchini too. Oddly it's semi poisonous for my wife. She can eat either one separately but not cooked together.

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