Fourth of July in Huntington Beach

 I grew up in HB, I have to say it was a nice place in the sixties but probably better in the fifties.

Going to the contests was always a highlight
(My wife noted that this one may have been sponsored by BP)

 But eventually the crowds got out of hand
The day to day was still fun

And the wave can be excellent when conditions are right

But things are so crowded I say home on the big days


Brine Time said…
Loved it. Happy 4th o' July
Hope to reacquaint myself with that Pier - I'll lower my Go Pro down with a fishing rod to catch all the gnarly action
pranaglider said…
I've got to get a Go Pro and post up some mat eyed view of things!
MF said…
My guess is the cameraman was a man, or a gay girl. I didn't see too many hot male butts in there :) God, there are just too many people in the world.
pranaglider said…
MF, You are probably right. I only watch about half of it, once you have seen one butt you have seen them all.

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