Prisoner of Lake Forest Part 5

We have been having a bit of warm weather lately.

The car thermometer said 94 degrees as I pulled away from work yesterday.

Even though I am a prisoner of Lake Forrest they let me go home nights and weekends, which you have to admit is mighty nice of them. They do have the option of calling me at any hour and assigning the odd bit of weekend work but they pay me so I am not complaining.

Anyway so I am starting my drive home and my mind drifts back to summers past and sessions long gone. Unfettered surfing wave after wave in warm azure blue seas,  shared only with my friends.

Now since I grew up in SoCal makes this particular fantasy unlikely without a remote possibility of it being factual.

But I can see it, feel the water as I paddle, the sun warming my back and the wind on my face as I ride along.

I really need to get in the water!


Quiver said…
I feel your pain. I've been so worked over I haven't even been checking the surf blogs. Not that I've been missing much around here, just windblown junk (or so they tell me.) If it was anything else I might rebel.
pranaglider said…
There is supposed to be some swell coming and I need a dunk in the salt water!
rspeer said…
south swell is in and the water is warm, or so they tell me because I`m too busy at work to feel it myself.I did look longingly at headhigh southies while working NB today

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