Carmageddon be damned!

There are several of you out there that may not make it to the Mat Meet on Sunday  due to the closure of the 405 freeway.

Pretty week excuse if you ask me!

While it true that I don't have to use the freeway to get to HB pier

I'll be riding there on my motorized bunny slippers

I thought I would look into the other options

First up JetBlue is offering 4 dollar flights from Burbank to Long Beach airports bypassing the 405 problem areas and while not landing in Huntington per se ,you are at least in a city with Beach in it's name.  You can see Long Beach on a clear day and your could just inflate you mat and paddle down to Huntington!

Sail bikes! Just peddle to the beach, hoist the main sail and glide up or down the coast to your destination.
Remember to bring lemons to fight the scurvy!

Not into the sail bikes? Looking for a low impact workout on the way to the meet? Just hop on the elliptic bike and feel the burn all the way to Huntington!

Why not just take the hover car? It's two thousand eleven people, 1984 was decades ago. In exchange for mind control the government promised everyone a hover car! I know that's true because I read it in my Weekly Reader in grammar school in the early sixties.

If you are worried about traversing a rough neighborhood consider making the trip in this beast.  I'm sure that between the spikes, the creepy red legs walking along and the impeccable Mercedes Benz protection package you will be fine!

 You want to come down and bring your friends, family and a few odds and ends? No Problem! Bring everything you need and more and don't worry about the construction on the freeway you can roll right over it!  As far as parking, Huntington has a whole parking lot FULL of vehicles of a similar ilk.

If you are looking for a more Eco friendly vibe on your way to the meet but still can't see yourself rollin up without your music, consider this option. Works for hay and is iPod compatible.


pranaglider said…
Looks like the Jet Blue thing sold out. So its AT (alternative transportation) for the rest of us.

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