surfed out!

The cottons surf meet went down yesterday under clear a sky and great surf conditions!

Cottons photo from Patchies Hideout

Surf Sister has already posted some of the photos at her blog, Intruder in the Surf

Jason Hall has video up at Daily Bread

There is the number 23 combo plate of stills and video at Surfmatters.

I would like to thank everyone that came and shared their stoke!

To be direct and honest, (two things I usually try to avoid) without you all I would have spent the day at home, puttered around in the man cave and maybe mowed the lawn.

As it turned out, I had the time of my life, met and surfed with more matters than may have ever been assembled in one place! (The folks at the Guinness Book of World Records haven't gotten back to me yet.)
All kidding aside, a beautiful group and it was a privilege to share waves with you.

This morning I am moving slow, the sweet reward of extending my personal edges. My muscles are sore my skin is a bright shade of pink and my mind is moving slowly through the memories of the day.

A fair amount of film and video was shot at the meet, some may appear in the mat movie, other pieces will get posted on the internet and some will be retained in private collections.

I'll share what I can and link to what I find in cyberspace.

One more thing

Mat surfing is changing, growing by leaps and bounds.

Seeds planted years ago,

growing when watered by good seasons and technology advancement

dying back during the droughts of obscurity and it's difference from the norm

Mat surfing is still in it's Golden Age

a fractional portion of the total population

happy to meet others that share their passion and to share a few waves

We are living one of the great old Bruce Brown movies!

Phil Edwards slides left at Cottons. Photo by Bruce Brown


Quiver said…
MatMeet North had but one matter. Nevertheless, I got some fun waves and enjoyed myself fully. Looks like MatMeet South had better conditions and a crowd!
PG said…
Well said, Prana.

Mat riding is indeed in it's golden age...and we are old enough and wise enough to be aware of it while it's happening. Publishing the shot of Phil Edwards at Cottons was an insired idea!
Surfsister said…
You were out there killing it, Prana! We have so many shots of you that one would think you were a member of the family. Thanks for arranging the mat meet. The waves were too big for me and my mat skills, but I learned so much!

Girls only mat meet tomorrow!
twinfin said…
epic mat morning Bruce! It was awesome to see how other folks approach engaging waves on mats .. See you soon. thanks again
pranaglider said…
Quiv, Sometimes one is enough!

PG - Glad you liked the Edwards shot at Cottons. The SanO, Tresles, Cottons area was epicenter center for the blooming of the surf business. It seems appropriate.

Surfsister - Thanks! I wanted to email you but your email addy keeps bouncing. Shoot me a line. Have fun at the the GOMM!

Twinny - So glad you made it!
misterdirk said…
That would have been a good day at the beach by any standard, but sharing with a crew of fellow mat riders made it one for the record books. It was a joy to meet everyone, and yeah, Prana, you deserve 23 cheers for appointing a time and place and making it happen. Such a good call!

How many made it in the end?



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