Mat - A - Palooza

A quick post before I head out the door.

The surf looks good, check it here

Our man on point, Dirk "is the movie done yet?" Brandt's comments "We got here in time for me to ride about 6 waves before dark. Plenty of surf, good juice. Not as cold as I feared. We're going to have fun tomorrow. -Dirk"

I have consulted my magic 8 ball which reports "time to leave the computer and hit the road!" or something like that.

As a bit of consolation, for those not attending here is a link to a nice bit of blogging by neopye at lo-tech high joy 

I'll try to get some photos or at least links to photos for Monday's post


mattitude said…
MMATTITUDE SKANANDSAND AND GUEST WILl be heading out in about 1 hour se you mat daddys around 8 am !
mattitude said…
best west coast meetup to date !
size was anyuwhere from a bit overhead to oh s*&t here comes a mountain.

international maters from japan oz and cali.

hot and glassy when i left at 1 pm.
shape was good tiny bit lumpy but pretty much classic cottons
16 mm photos and video from land go pro from the water TY Dailybread Jason and everyone who filmed. hell we even had two ladies riding in the mix WHOOT WHOOT good to meet ya surfsiter and val.

i know we had the biggest smiles of anyone in the water
everytime i saw a matter they were grining.

seeing mark thompson streak across the lefts was a treat
skill levels aross the board were on the highest i have seen .
it was great to see a bunch of matters not just riding but rippin the surf up

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