Sacred Craft

Well it looks like I will finally be going to the Sacred Craft show on Saturday!

Did you know Pendo shapes and glasses every board from start to finish?
That's a Sacred Craft!

I have managed to miss everyone of these events since its inception so I am stoked to be going.

You can read all the details at the Sacred Craft website here,

but I liked these couple of sentences cut from the site

"Sacred Craft will feature the widest category range of surfboard designs ever assembled.  Long, short, no fin, 5-fin, wide, narrow, thick, thin, old, new, wood, foam, carbon, hand shaped, molded, standup, kneeboard, handplane, you name it, the surfboard remains front and center at Sacred Craft."

If there is a marketing questionnaire that asks what I ride they better have a option for a "you name it", although  an "all of the above" option would work as well.

To be fair surfmats don't really fit any of the standard descriptions for a "surf board". I will be looking for the "variably inflatable surf flyer" booth at the show.

Surf Meet News
Check out the swell forecast at Adam Wrights new site
Looking good for next weekend!
Given the responses I have gotten it looks like Sunday will be the day

One more thing

I'll be wearing a special shirt for the show.
I can't decide if it will say "Is my board done yet?"  or 23 Breaths
But if you see me milling around stop and say hi.


pranaglider said…
Surf report - small cold and windy.

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