Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today is my wife's birthday.

I can't really express how much it means to be with her or what my life would be like without her.

I would probably be living in a van down by the river.

You know the guy, long hair, bearded, two teeth (not opposing) surfing a fish with one fin (also not opposing), pan handling money for a large coffee, room for cream with extra sugar.

I certainly won't be sitting here, writing another installment of 23Breaths.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Prana!

Sheriff John was an afternoon cartoon show host on LA TV in the sixties, since we both grew up watching the show it seemed like a good take on the traditional singing of Happy Birthday.


Surfsister said…
Awwww. Happy Birthday, PranaSpouse!

Word Verification: swells

How cool is that for the word verification? Let's hope it comes true!
misterdirk said…
Happy Birthday Mrs. Prana! (I guess we really did virtually grow up in the same neighborhood. I bet you guys watched Engineer Bill and Skipper Tom, too. I ran into Tom Hatten at the LA Museum a few years ago, had some good reminiscences.)
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Prana!
Warm smiles and Aloha from San Diego,
Cher and Steve
Ramsnake said…
And happy birthday from me too Mrs Prana. I am so glad you have somehow managed to stick with that man and save him from that terrible existence he would otherwise be living!
Ramsnake said…
Clever pic incidentally Prana. Surreptitiously managed to get more of yourself in it than the missus. Check out the image in her sunglasses. There you are in all your glory!
Anonymous said…
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.
Ramsnake I am still laughing over your comments.
misterdirk loved Engineer Bill red light green light
Love you Prana I would be happy to live in a van down by the river with you!!
Mrs. Prana
Surfsister said…
(Looking for the "Like" link to the comment by Anonymous.) Oh, wait! This isn't Facebook. Well, Mrs. Prana, you are a wonderful woman. Happy Birthday!
Jason Hall said…
Happpy b-day fellow 2/8'er!
Brine Time said…
ditto to everything above from a briney Aquarian
happy birthday! when you are married well everything falls into place. thank you sincerely for the sheriff john clip too. as a little grom i loved him a lot- and i still do.

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