/*23 Breaths: Big plans for this weekend!*/

Friday, February 25, 2011

Big plans for this weekend!

Photo by Ken Samuels

If only I could have saved a few waves from last summer!

But since the forecast calls for rain

I have a date with my recliner

I have finished the William Gibson novels and am working on a book of short stories by Bruce Sterling.


Jason Hall said...

top photo is just begging for some pshop. Blue suit, red cape, you get the picture. ;)

nice pic prana, was that recent?

pranaglider said...

One from the Cottons Mat Meet. Don't you read Surfmatters?! I can totally see some PS. Kind of looks "high five-ish" to me. If anyone is so inclined, feel free. Sent me a copy and I post'em up.

misterdirk said...

Do you read Bruce Sterling's blog? I've been hovering around him online since the net began, really feeds my interests. Actually, less the sci-fi than all the other cultural spectacle.

Ramsnake said...

Where have you been Jason? Oh I know on the way to Costa Rica poor sod! I photoshopped Prana last October!