Truth be Told

Enough time has passed since the mat meet last summer that some of the more lurid stories can be told.

There was some hassling out in the water.

I remember one wave I took off on and another matter takes off too

But you know, they are on a mat so, ok lets go!

The guy kooks out and does some weird drag ass stall right in front of me!

Fortunately I was able to make it around him

so it's all good!


Growling Gecko said…
Jeez, lucky escape mate! That could have been very nasty. You know I have think I have heard about that guy! Fancy pulling off a stunt like that!
peterbowes said…
back in the day he would have been a welcome speed bump, a little more flavour on the ride - even a double up - don't you mat riders have that sort of fun anymore?
Anonymous said…
When you have no legs from the calves down, you can speed by people like that.

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