Salmon Season

Have you ever seen pictures of salmon as they swim upstream to their spawning grounds?

I'm just saying

Mat photo by Ken Samuels

I love a good opportunity to go all JJ Moon in the blog-0-sphere, so I am calling this El Rollo Exito the Salmon Jump.

I was having some trouble with the Geo-locator up-link connected to the grid that's on the bottom of my mat.

The grid normal flashes advertisements for whomever has a contract and is in a geographically favorable location (for a free lunch!).

So in order to faithfully discharge my contractual responsibilities, here it the correct version of the photo.


Anonymous said…
whos JJ Moon?
pranaglider said…
Who is JJ Moon? He was (or is) the greatest surfer of all time!

Here is a link where Corky tells all
Mate, you really are bored aren't you?!

Get well soon chap.

pranaglider said…
Grayman - Words can't begin to describe it!
Unknown said…
Salmons leap and Evil Knevil jumps.

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