Green Bay 21 Steelers 10*

ChileDub in action at the Swamp 2011 - Photo by Lance Smith

* That least that was the score when I fell a sleep at half time.

Really not a bad game, as Super Bowls go.

Not enough interesting commercials this time.

I had hoped to get a surf in early Sunday morning.

The local spots didn't look bad when I did a drive by, but they close PCH in Huntington for the annual marathon and all the south state beach parking was filled up by the time I got there.

It would have been a great day for a bike ride but its was Super Bowl Sunday, I had been out to visit my folks on Saturday and there were things to do.

Pizza doesn't make itself you know!

Why is this glass half empty?  Tomatoes, Olives, Basil, Mushrooms and Garlic

ChileDub was in town last week. He, KenDog and Steve Pendarvis got together for some surf.

Pages of shots from Lance Smith here

They had invited me down but I was busy working on some website changes at work and had to pass.

Looks like they had a blast!


bonta mougabwa said…
is the one surfer man riding on the air or on the water? i bonta shall say how he does it is not like bookie boarders!

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