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A great little video I saw on The Inertia

Plastic State of Mind - OFFICIAL from Ben Zolno on Vimeo.

These offshore wind days we've had in Southern California in recent weeks are good for many things.

Grooming the swells into near perfection comes to mind

Insert "PeeChee Perfect"  wave here.

But another thing they do an amazing job of is collecting those "single use" platic bags and blowing them into the ocean.

Plastics of various kinds blow, flow, wash and do every thing but boggie all the way to the ocean.
Where they have accumulated in what is known as "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" 

Click on the image to enlarge
So what can you do?
Get a couple of repeat use bags for the grocery's!
That's not the complete answer but it's a great start

They last a long time, won't break as you bring home the bacon and come in enough sizes and shapes to make you smile when you see them.

What it boils down to to is that

Image from Ocean Minded

Enjoy your weekend!


pranaglider said…
A couple of more thoughts, you can reuse those single use plastic bags and they can be recycled. I you must use "disposable bags" go for the paper, it is biodegradable and renewable.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget to regularly wash your repeat use bags! Treat them just like dirty underwear.
Ramsnake said…
Good post Prana. It is a travesty the damage that plastic and bags particularly do to our oceans and the creatures in it. It is a great feeling to walk up to the check out and say "I have my own bags thank you". Get with that feeling folks!
Thank you for your great post, Prana! We have been using cloth and reusing paper bags for awhile. We also carefully reuse any plastic and recycle all we can. It does feel good to do a positive step toward solving this tragedy, one person at a time.
Aloha, Cher and Steve

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