A rest day

Artist: John Hancock

When you have back pain
the standard protocol is to prescribe pills

So after swallowing said pills and performing the standard chants and incantations indicated for this condition I crawled like a reptile to my easy chair to, well, take it easy and perhaps read a book

After an hour of "reading" I can verify that the first word of the book was "The" after that I'm just not sure.
I figured that TV might be a good choice

Television should have been a great thing
allowing universal access to all of the worlds literature in play form,
instant access to important news, weather reports and a wealth of educational programming.

Sadly what is on the nine hundred channels is visual stimulation of the very worst kind
Programing designed to pander to the lowest of human emotions while making frequent stops for
"A brief message from our sponsor"
which is to say products they have to sell you,
that you don't need
at a price that you can't afford
"have your credit card ready"

But hey, I'm in pain
whilst simultaneously high as the proverbial kite,
so TV should be just perfect.
My frontal lobes cooling comfortably on a block of pharmaceutical ice
nothing but my reptilian brain at it's station,
continuing to encourage only the minimum respiration and cardiac functions.

If I was ever in a better mental and physical condition to flop on the couch and engage in some serious tube time, I don't recall.

Fortunately, the "clicker" or remote control device was sufficiently complex enough to thwart my crude attempts at turning on the TV while aligning the dish with the appropriate Geo stationary satellite.

I did manage to catch a little of the local news program / home shopping  /lives of the rich stupid show .

Luckily I managed to fall asleep before too much permanent brain damage could occur.


Hi, Bruce, we hope that you feel better soon! We're sorry to hear about your back pain. . . and we're sending you healing thoughts. Steve and I always enjoy your posts. Aloha, Cher and Steve
pranaglider said…
Cher and Steve, Thanks for your healing energies! I'm back at work and doing much better . My own fault really for not doing the things I need to do to stay flexible. Cowa-flexit!
Ramsnake said…
Ya gotta maintain that practice!
Val said…
Hope your back is better soon, Bruce! Let me know if you'd like the info on some GREAT physical therapists.
mattitude said…
Bruce have you ever tried medical cannabis instead of narcotics.
this is probably a viable pain management option for you
pranaglider said…
Thanks everyone for your good wishes and my back is feeling better.

Ramsnake - I think of my current regiment as more a lifestyle choice than a practice but as always I will do my best!

Val - Thank you! Hopefully I will never have to take you up on your offer but I will keep you in mind.

Mattitude - Very good advise I think. The standard treatment protocol is two Vicodin every few hours for pain. I have seen more than a few friends become functioning addicts to legal pharmaceutical pain killers. If this hopefully short term issue turns into something long term I would definitely look into a "greener" approach to pain management along with diet and yoga.

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