When exactly?

did I loose any cool I might have ever had or even aspired to?

Not that I was ever this cool

classic photo of steve by JDub

Or even this cool

But I find myself shopping in Kohl's
pushing the cart

that contains

new bathroom rugs

we intend on purchasing

to feather

our nest

The high point of the day mind you

Scooting along wishing I had a couple of pain killers

I glance to one side and spot an old geezer

and think to myself at least I'm not THAT bad!

Then suddenly realizing,

it was a mirror

But when did it git to this?

Oh well summer is coming, maybe that will help.

Daddy jeans
and a Zoo sweatshirt
I trip the light fantastic
Well maybe not light
and clearly not fantastic


pranaglider said…
I have gotten an interesting assortment of private messages about this post. The most prevalent opinion seems to be that kids seem to suck the cool from your soul. I don't know if I would go that far but it's an interesting hypothesis.
Beetlejuice said…
I think it used to be called manhood before the "me" generation took over,Rock on dude!
Piskian said…
Crocs rule!I have pimped a few pairs to make "Props".Savesd wearing out the fin socks on the walk to the beach,and noone nicks them!
Unknown said…
You need a DNA reset and a blood change...Good book ;-) on Chapter 3 cant put it down.

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