Surfin USA

In honor of the U.S. Open of Surfin

No burning cars allowed on the beach, no burning cars. Thank you.

I can think of no better tribute than this

compared to the Beach Boys original version

I haven't been down to the contest, maybe over the weekend but then again maybe not.

Doesn't this look like more fun than going to a surf contest?

After viewing the body surfing action on yesterdays post I am going to just bring the fins and my oh so holy  full suit and do some body surfing today.

Official West Coast Mat Meet Announcement -

Just waiting

The long range surf report I  use at says there is a small swell due for next weekend (14-15) but a better one for the following one (19-20). True the 19-20 window isn't the weekend but things are always late and I feel like throwing the dice. Several people wrote me to say they had other engagements on 14-15 and the Sacred Craft thing is the weekend of 14-15 too. Still looking at Cottons for the event site.


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