Mats are taking over the world!

Today I wanted to share a bit of correspondence from Mark Thompson, his son Daniel finally jumped on a mat. As many of you know, Daniel is a very talented surfer / shaper in his own right.

"Here are a few shots of my son Daniels first ever mat surf.

He said ….I finally understand your addiction dad."

"He has surfed the mat every day since 
Ha ha ha another speed junkie."

".. check the water flow  under the mat on the last photo
MT5 concave and rocker working perfectly"

So it seems that our plans for world domination is proceeding according to schedule.

Well if not world domination at least a bunch of stoked surfers on mats!

Speaking of stoked surfers on mats. The surf forecast is not predicting a new swell for next weekend.

I'm thinking that the following weekend might hold more promise for the mat meet. 


Yeah, go Daniel!
and Steve had ridden his mat for 41 surfs lately. . .
Aloha, Cher

PS: Thanks for sharing. . .
Mattitude said…
could it be anymore inflated ?

great looking shots

if we are in that area i would consider making tstreet the alt mat meeting site its very close to cottons has a blackball we can take advantage of . takes more swell angles and less swell then cottons to break. if itsw very large then go for cottons we can announce local as date nears i
would still vote HB the sandbars are good its centraly located to the most matters + distance between san diego and ventura and doable drive from both.
the SD crew has fallen apart more or less its just ken dog as far as i know and he loves hb
It's a Krypt... It has to be really inflated!

Really good to see DT on a mat. He's a properly innovative shaper and surfer. I hope he keeps going.

mattitude said…
I have ridden my krypt at extremly low inflations so i could make burgery sections at points. I think since it only takes 14 breaths to fill it vrs 23 for tracker rt. it needs to be even lower inflations to get the true towel effect .since body displaces more air relative to what mat can hold.
Unknown said…
darn, and i thought boogie boards were taking over the world.

guess i need to relocate my camera from Wegde to Bolsa?
That's encouraging to hear Mattitude. I'd heard that the MT-5 was a slow breather designed for high inflations (or highish) in hollow waves. That was certainly the impression from most at our recent meet.

Wht kinda dimensions are you?k If ou don't mind me asking. I know a coule of people who've considered the MT-5 but been put off by the apparent need for quality waves to get it going.

mattitude said…
Greyman i am 6 foot 170 lbs.
I took the krypt out for its second session at a point that has a few burgery sections that you really need alot of glide to ride through and connect sections.
i used the feeling of how much my hips are being supported to tune the air levels till i felt it wants to fold and leave my legs pointing downward instead of parallel with waters surface.

the valve on the krypt allows for extremly fine tuning while laying on the mat which is a big plus. i lowered it to the lowest i could get away with and was happy to be able to connect the sections at the point.
she runs fine at the lowest inflation and still seemed to turn great! i found less deck area to work with compared to a neu since there simply is not as much air in mat to float you .
i felt i was pretty far forward in standerd forward speed position with nose even with front of mat.on nue i have been past solar plexus over front of mat . the deck skin is still to slippery for me Mark says it will get more grippy over time.

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