Right Brain Left Brain

The battle of the blogs is still raging over at SurferMag dot com

Korduroy.tv is in the finals and this fine blog deserves your vote,

so motor on over there and cast it!

(no word on why 23Breaths was missing from the contest)

Whilst checking out Surfmatters this morning there is a link to photographer Dane Peterson's site

Mr. Peterson has done a brief post on George Greenough

It looks like Mr. Greenough is surfing in pool water! Such a beautiful shade of blue / green!

George Greenough's web presence has recently been redone (=here=) with some new pics along with some old favorites.

While blue / green is a splendid color for water its a blasphemous color on swim fins.
Finally got a matching pair of fins and set about scribbling on them.

It turns out that the part of my brain that does art is not the same part that can spell.

That's our lesson on art and the brain for today!

Some bodysurfing footage ripped lovely from the Surfers Journal site


Vyusher La Kali said…
MC doesn't need a hand plane, look at the mitts on that guy!
pranaglider said…
...with board surfing you have your set bottom, your set rails, you have to ride it on top of the wave. With body surfing I can flex my body, I can twist my body and tork it so I have different planeing surfaces to ride on. I'm rideing in the wave not really on top of it. I flow with the wave...

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