Sacred Craft Part II - Color

The sun is just starting to come up and with the light comes color so it seemed logical to talk about color at Sacred Craft today. (yes 23B themes are that compulsively simple)

Lots of color at the show, eye catching, draw dropping, explosions of color everywhere!

So what is a group of fins called? You know a "flock of sea gulls", a "school of fish", a "pod of whales" a "_____ of fins", My guess is at the bottom.  Read on.


Sometimes the color is all in one board, like this exotic number from "Third World Exotic Surfboards".  Looks  like it would be fun to ride.

Sometimes the colors were spread across a quiver of boards.
This shot reminds me of a group of teenagers that all agreed on what they are going to wear to the mall.

Here we have a group of boards each with their own unique bit of style color.
Good point to mention that Matt Biolos won the Tribute to the Masters shape-off.

This artist had a fabulous collection of work all done on boards. I could have taken a better shot but actually this one does capture some of the essence. No idea of the artist's name.  If you know please include it in the comments. 

While we are talking about art and artists. It was my great pleasure to meet Matt Beard at the show.  There are many really good artist that work in the plein air style. Some of them surf and it shows up in their artwork.  But there is something about Mr. Beard's work that I really like. Check out his site and if you missed his work at Sacred Craft he has a show at the Green Flash gallery in Cardiff, CA on Friday August 20.   

Back to the boards! Here is a trio of chargers by Hinds, Martin and Timpone respectively.  Ever wonder why so many boards are orange or yellow? I think its because red is difficult to work with.  You really have to use a lot of red to get the board to turn out red instead of pink and no one want's a pink board. The blue / green end of the spectrum comes out OK but you can't find your board if it's lost in the rip and you are swimming for it. That leaves orange and yellow.  As least that's what I have been told by an old time glasser. It's probably all different now a days.  Mr Martin, sorry I cut off the nose of the board in the picture.

The artist know as S/Double is back in the shaping bay. Shawn Stussy's sense of color, style and design is always amazing! Some guys get talent like that at birth, others develop it over years of hard work. I got a preference for riding variably inflatables.

The center one looks like what a mat rides like!

Mat Meet News-

It looks like everything is coming together for the mat meet this coming Sunday at Cottons.

Lots of matters confirming that they are counting the days.

Several people confirming that they are going to bring their camera equipment to the beach.

Not much of a photographer myself (obviously) but good luck to all of you hoping to practice the art and science of capturing light.

Anyone with questions, please let me know.

Oh yea, almost forgot. A group of fins ? I think it should be called a "cluster of fins".  Why?  Because it ties into the whole Sacred Craft honoring Simon Anderson thing. Now swim fins, that should be a barrel of swim fins. Definitely a barrel.


pranaglider said…
Surf report - up from yesterday with a new south showing. On the plus side the sun is out and shining like it summer or something. On the minus side the water is just this side of freezing. Worst summer ever or maybe just the weirdest.
Matt said…
The center one looks like what a mat rides like!

Oh yes!

Cant wait to see some photos from the meet.
6ftnperfect said…
you forgot the Cooperfish booth! Siiiiiiiick!!!
pranaglider said…
6FnP - Not so much forgot as didn't have a good shot. Coop has some of the best glass work ever!
matt beard said…
great to meet you down there!

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