Sacred Craft - IV - The rest

Stoked and Broke tour starts this Saturday at Shelter. Check out the details here.

Side shot of the Cooperfish booth, it doesn't do the boards justice. Amazing shapes and glass work!

Everyone at the show seemed to have one of these blanks. The marketing give a way that launched a thousand hand planes!

My photo skills in full effect! I manage to cut the top of one guys head off while I cut the other guy in half lengthwise.  Not bad for a Panda pic! These are the Axxe wetsuit guys, they were real cool and the wetsuits are top notch!

 Some early tri fins from Simon Anderson. Interesting to see the changes in rails and rocker over the years.

Anderson's Hawaii board pre tri fin.  Pure Brewer.

A fine quiver of Hobie's.  Either Terry Martin or Mike Hynson in the shaping bay mowing foam.

The 23 Breaths booth!  Free air to fill up your mat.

Why we are talking about mats the mat meet seems to be blowing up!  

Hope to see you there


pranaglider said…
surf report - surf's up! at least to shoulder high. The water still a bit chilly. The benefit of summer days (finally) is that long suits and boots do dry out (relatively) quickly. Hoping the water warms up for Sunday!
Quiver said…
Nate! Where are you!
Without Nate the Northern California mat meet will be just one. If you want to join, my plan as of this moment is Saturday, dawn, Ano. Hopefully the south Prana mentions will make it to us/me.
Quiver said…
If you don't know how to Ano at dawn leave a message here and we'll figure out a way to get in contact so I can share the "secret."

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