More mat video from last Sunday

Dirk already has a rough cut of the footage he shot on Sunday. I haven't watched the whole thing yet but I really like the opening shot of Jon standing with his self made mat looking out at the break. A nice nod to the historic Hodgmen mats and the self reliant nature of surf matters.

Mat Meet: Cotton's, August 22, 2010 from Dirk Brandts on Vimeo.

Mega thanks to Dirk and family for coming down and doing a ton of work to make this available!

Full tongue extension cutback boogie!

Another great one from photographer Ken.  One of my favorites of the meet picks,  blow this one up and check the expression on Jon's face.  Think he's stoked? 

Surfsister has uploaded some of her 300 shots from the weekend here on the Yahoo matriders site.


Ramsnake said…
Love the custom made mat. I though I might be the only Hodgeman mat still in existence!
Surfsister said…
That is one of my three favorite shots of the meet. You and James, respectively, are in the other two.

What a great experience that was.
pranaglider said…
Big thanks going out to Dirk for shooting the video! Can't wait for the movie!

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